I got a funny press release last week from podiatrist Dr. Oliver Zong, forwarded to me by a friend. It basically says that there may be problems for women who frequently wear high heels. Wow! Next we’ll hear that smoking and drinking is bad for you too!

The only logical explanation for this statement is that there are people out there that have not figured out that high heels are bad for you. Which is strange, because its pretty obvious that tottering around in 5 inch stilettos is clearly not going to do any favours to your back. But smoking isn’t good for you, neither is drinking, or running marathons, but we all do those things for other reasons other than they are good for our health (well, I don’t smoke or run marathons…) I wear high heels because, well, I love them. Any further explanation into my love of shoes will need a seperate post, or maybe a novel, to fully explain.

Anyway, the Doctor went on to explain ““If you hold a limb in a shortened position over and extended period, the muscles shorten.” Researchers found that high heel-wearers’ muscle fibers are on average 13% shorter than flat shoe-wearers, which explains why the high heel fans experience discomfort when walking barefoot or in flat shoes.” That might explain why I always seem to trip or fall over when I am wearing flats. I can dance all night in a pair of 5 inch heels, but put me in ballerina flats or a pair of Converse and I’m close to breaking my neck.

Here were Dr. Zong’s tips for us stiletto-obsessed women. (With my comments, of course.)

1. Invest in good heels. That’s right, the experts say to splurge on shoes! The money you spend on good shoes will be much less than the money you would spend on visits to the doctor.

AMEN! That is the best piece of advice…ever. Mom, if you are reading this, then note that this is the exact reason why I spent thousands of dollars on shoes in the past ten years, not on a house.

2. Trade quantity for quality. You don’t necessarily need to squander your entire life savings on a collection of high heels. Expensive shoes are not necessarily better and cheaper shoes are not necessarily bad.

Ummm…is he suggesting that it isn’t necessary to have a closet FULL of gorgeous shoes? Because if that is the case, I’ll have to disagree. There is nothing more satisfying than having a beautiful collection of shoes one can caress and adore. And wear, sometimes.

3. Don’t wait to buy new shoes.

The man is reading my mind…

4. Always stretch your lengthened legs. This tip is especially relevant for fashion addicts. You can do all sorts of leg stretches while sitting at your desk, waiting in line for coffee, or even while standing in an elevator.

A practical tip, and one worth considering. Can these leg stretches be a replacement for yoga classes?

5. Treat yourself to a foot rub! After walking in heels all day, foot massages and pedicures can do wonders for tired, achy feet.

What the Doctor really should be saying is that non-pedicured feet are scary. I am not saying that everyones needs professional pedicures, but there is nothing worse than a great pair of shoes worn with a set of rough nails with chipped nail polish. Paint them, or hide them.

On that note, I’ll share a rather funny story that happened to me today… I am in the process of trying to buy a house in a small mountain town outside of Vancouver (more on that if and when it is finalized. I don’t want to get excited until I have keys in my hand.) I was speaking to an insurance company about contents insurance, and she was telling me that if I had a bicycle worth more than $10,000, I would need separate coverage, etc… I don’t know who in the hell would consider spending that much on a mountain bike (for 10K you could have ten amazing pairs of shoes, a 5 star holiday, or a ‘69 Ford Mustang, so why the hell would you want a bike?) I explained to her that I had a hefty clothing and accessories collection worth well over $10,000.

Her jaw dropped and she said I must have one hell of a collection of shoes (yup.) “But you don’t actually have a pair of shoes worth more than a few hundred dollars, right? I mean, sorry, but, can I ask how much is your most expensive pair of shoes? For the insurance?” She as beginning to stumble, either in confusion of the shoe prices, or sheer jealousy, I think a combination of both. I told her my most expensive pair of shoes was $1,500 (they were my wedding shoes…of course I’d spend that much!) and her jaw hit the floor.

I guess there aren’t many pairs of expensive shoes in the town I’ll be living in…which should be interesting. Anyway, I am not moving there for the shopping, or the fact that I could make use of a $10,000 mountain bike in the mountains nearby, as I’ll be doing neither. I caught her checking out my shoes on the way out (a pair of red Chie Mihara sandals, in case you’re wondering.)


Words from www.searchingforstyle.com images from www.netaporter.com




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