Searching for Meaning by Jo-Anne Rolf

Searching for Meaning.. From the moment we are born, we are constantly bombarded with the rules and regulations of “family life”, saddled with the expectations of those who surround us. Conditioned by Society to conform within the social norm, most of us comply, regardless of who we are on the inside. The weight of preceding generations bear down, ancestral genetics becomes the rule for our behaviour. Our true individuality is lost. In our contemporary lives, Social Media forums take on an insidious fatal charm, encouraging full engagement, providing shallow encounters by return. Our Avatars share the personal details of our lives with strangers, constantly feeding our desire for some true connection with other humans. Behind the “white noise” of our everyday lives, there is a certain type of uneasiness, sadness perhaps, of opportunity lost or a nagging realisation that something that is not quite right in our lives but the rigors of negotiating life and its constant daily challenges keep us occupied. As we grow older, The Universe throws more challenges in our direction and our bodies reciprocate, occasionally buckling under the pressure with the struggle to keep us well. Stress and anxiety, unhappiness and a general malaise sometimes overwhelm us, often without us knowing any reason why. When added to the mix alcohol, social drugs and prescription drugs can muddy the mind and dull the senses, but that hissing sound of “What is wrong with me??” from deep within the midst of our collective memories, still manages to rise to the surface, occasionally becoming more strident, forcing us to take notice.

In December 2012, I had a breakdown. It occurred in a most unlikely place, a cinema in Canberra, on an unlikely Saturday afternoon and in a shopping centre of all places. It was a small breakdown, very quiet, hardly noticeable but absolute in its intensity. Unable to function, my husband helped me exit the theatre. My children stared, not able to comprehend what had happened. I went into the cinema happily eating icecream and came out, barely unable to walk or speak. The children were sent shopping, my husband sat with me in the food court until I appeared to come to my senses and we went on with the rest of our lives as if nothing had happened. The Universe does really provide if you ask it to and just by accident (or not), I came across a Personal Empowerment brochure a few weeks later at our local Chiropractic Centre. Stepping way out of my comfort zone, I made a phone call. It was one of the best decisions of my life. My Journey for Self Enlightenment already begun, has shifted my life from overwhelming to awesome.

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