Beautiful Words from Jessica Jackson

Forget your shade of colour, and your size, These are all things that can be put aside. People are not what they wear. It's the feelings in their heart, the part of them that cares. Every human is beautiful, in their own way. People shouldn't judge by appearance, but rather what a person has to say. For every smile you give, and get in return, Is sharing love around, and love isn't something you learn. Love is a positive feeling, that can be easily shared. It's usually the people that are themselves, that show how much they care. You should never hide yourself away, Out of fear of what others may have to say. Just be who you are, when no one else is around, You should never worry, just be yourself, you are allowed. People that cause drama and pain, Don't bother comparing, because you're not the same. People act differently, based on their life experiences. I believe we are all here together. We shouldn’t judge based on our differences. As good as it is to love who you are on the outside, Love who you are within yourself, there is no downside. Everyone is different, and we are all unique. We are like many different flowers, And the world is the boutique. The people you surround yourself with, is your choice to make. Just as long as no one makes you feel as if you need to be fake. We all as humans, have so much to learn. Sometimes your best friend, can easily turn. Just remember everyone’s life experience is different. But we are quite capable of helping each other get through it. I believe we were given our lives because we are strong enough to live them. Our experiences are what makes us, but for yourself, don't give in. Everyone has good and bad days, But it is completely up to you, as to what pays. Money is not happiness, but love really is, I myself, can only hope that people wake up to this. For a day without a smile, really is a day lost. Eye contact and a smile, comes without a cost.



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